• Tansport Schedule during Eid Holidays


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  • Book of the Week: One Dog at a Time

    The remarkable true story of one man’s fight to save the stray dogs of Afghanistan in the spirit of From Baghdad, With Love. One Dog at a Time is the gripping account of one man’s courage and humanity, and his fight to make a difference in the most hostile and dangerous environments, one dog at a time. Source: amazon.com...

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  • Garangao 2014: Sweets & Treats

    The Al Khor Community celebrated Garangao last Sunday, 13 July 2014. Garangao, a children’s festival, which is celebrated mid-Ramadan every year with great joy and is known by some as the Khaliji Halloween. Children collected their bag of sweets and nuts in a variety of designated areas around the community & clubs. AKC’s support of this tradition reflects its commitment to preserve the country’s cultural heritage and customs, while allowing everyone to enjoy a wonderful time!     ...

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